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iPart ..... Network connection may have been lost

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11-11-2002 07:10 AM
Tom McNeil at Autodesk has informed me of a issue that shows up on some of the iParts off
my Web site. I have not had a chance to check them all, but there are a few that have a
VBA macro in the iPart Excel table. The Macros were simple little snips of code that I
used when building the table. They should have had no affect on the part, but it appears
there is some sort of problem (if I understand correctly the problem is with OLE more-so
than anything with Inventor)

At this point I have only had time to go through a few of the parts on my site to check
them out. Consequently I have removed the iPart page until I can make sure all will be

As I understand it if you had downloaded one of the iParts with VBA in the Excel file and
been using it you would have seen the problem. It would be something along the lines of a
error message saying "Network connection may have been lost". "Not enough storage is
available to complete this operation. OK."

If you are getting any errors like that when placing iParts you can take these steps to
clean the file.

1. Open the file in question.

2. Select the iPart table, right mouse menu, select "Delete"

You will be prompted to verify that you want the iPart turned into a normal part, select

The previously hidden embedded file is now visible under the 3rdParty folder.

By turning this table into a normal 3rdParty item, you will bypass table code that is used
to determine if the table is clean, healthy, and well structured.

This is extra layer of code was preventing us from editing Excel, since it would open and
then close Excel.

3. Select this new embedded item, right mouse menu, select 'Edit'

Excel should start and be visible in it's own window.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the iPart table.

5. Several rows *AFTER* the last iPart row, add a value into an empty cell.

It is necessary for Excel to really think it is dirty and needs to save, and this simple
edit should accomplish that.

I am going to add to Toms notes to Press Alt F11 and double click on each of the Sheets
and "ThisWorkbook" in the Project browser window and if you see any text in any of the
pages then delete it. Close the window, and follow the rest of the steps.

6. Save and close Excel.

When Excel saves, it "migrates" it's data.

7. Back in Inventor, undo back over the Table 'Delete' so that the table reappears

Edits directly to the excel data as not part of Inventor's transacted data, so the edits
will not get undo

8. (optional) You can now removed the "bogus" cell data that was added in step #4 using
"Edit via Spreadsheet" on the iPart Table.

I will be fixing the parts from the site as time permits. I plan on also doing a little
bit of cleanup work on the tables so it may take some time. When I put them back up I will
post a list of the ones I found to have VBA in the Excel table so you won't have to
download any that didn't have problems.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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