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INVENTOR STUDIO - Custom Texture Mapping

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01-21-2011 12:45 PM

Hello all, 


I am trying to use a custom "texture image" while creating a new surface style in Inventor Studio 2011. I am having issues with the origin and placement of these images (see pic). Notice how there is clearly a division in the wood grain. Ideally I would like to have this look like one smooth veneer of wood (in this case Sitka Spruce).  Does anyone have any ideas how to control the placement of the image to better align with my needs?


Changing the scale does not work, as it still comes off of the centerline.  The placement of the image also seems to have no relation to the origin of the part.  I'm stumped!


All help and suggestions appreciated!




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Re: INVENTOR STUDIO - Custom Texture Mapping

01-21-2011 01:38 PM in reply to:

I seem to remember that you need to change the original image DPI. try that

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Re: INVENTOR STUDIO - Custom Texture Mapping

01-21-2011 01:50 PM in reply to: mcgyvr

Thanks for the quick reply!  


To be clear, you are suggesting that I set the origin of the actual image outside of the Inventor platform, for example to use a graphics editor to control the images' origin?

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Re: INVENTOR STUDIO - Custom Texture Mapping

01-24-2011 01:03 AM in reply to:

is it a seamless texture???  Usually get those lines where the texture repeats itself and it's not a seamless image.


afaik you can't specify origins or offsets with textures defined in the style editor - if it's critical then add the image (specifying its dimensions) to a sketch and decal it to the part???  But, obviously this would be annoying/complicated with multiple faces and complex shapes.


bit of info about how Inventor maps images through styles, know it's for an old Inventor but still probably valid:


back in the day of Inventor 11? (whichever version was 1st to have Studio) it could render images in styles but not decals, so had to constantly play with the colour-styles to get decals working - but this wasn't as straightforward as you would think.  Had to split the image into quadrants and shuffle them all around - seen a tutorial explaining it but can't seem to find at the moment.  Dunno if this could also be a reason for your seam down the centre of the part???  Might have to edit your texture before adding it to a style...  eg bottom image on this page: (notice the btm-right face, how the image has been split into quadrants and swapped around so the centre of the image is now in the corners and the outer edges are along the centrelines.  Might have to do this to your texture in an image-editor before adding it to your colour-style to flip it back to the original).

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