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Inventor Sping creation Issue

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01-20-2013 07:24 PM

Its about the extension spring created by Inventor.


No matter using the spring feature in design accerelator or coil feature, i am unable to create the spring wire of the coil touching each other, that means no gap in between. ( refer to the attachment)


In actual, the turn of the spring is touching each other. 
In Inventor case, I cannot prepare technical drawing basing on the solid I created in Inventor, it will be longer than actual and the pretension of the spring is gone if there is a gap between the turns.  It means, if spring were produced base on Inventor’s drawing, the  tension will be very very low then actually intended for. 

Can you have a look and let me know how to overcome this problem  

At present,If I use MDT to create the spring and generates tech dwg. The MDT allow the turns to touch each other (that means no gap).

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Re: Inventor Spring creation Issue

01-21-2013 11:24 PM in reply to: weiloon

You should be able to create a coil with a very small gap 0.000001 or smaller between the coil surfaces. The problem is with self-intersecting sweeps (coil) and surface contact. This small amount should still allow for the coil/sweep while being small enough not to affect your main dimensions.


This used to be a problem before the "Split-Surface" command, where we had to create a slightly different surface size to only apply a finish such as a Knurl to a specific area/region.

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Re: Inventor Spring creation Issue

01-22-2013 05:43 PM in reply to: blair

Thanks for your reply.


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