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Re: Inventor Protect File Missing Message

11-25-2013 11:45 AM in reply to: samiharada

samiharada wrote:

I don't believe SP1 will fix this issue. Fixing UI issue via a hotfix / service pack is not impossible but very expensive, since we usually provide a single binary that can be applied to all languages. I think our current target delivery date is sometime in the next year, as a part of a full release, but we cannot commit anything here.

Please contact your official support channel if you need more detailed info.

Thank you,


-Sami Harada

Inventor Framework QA

Autodesk, Inc.




I think there is another issue here. I believe this message comes up as a result of the Temp project files being deleted after Vault based commands such as Copy Design, Rename and Visualisation file creation have been performed. After the temp file is cleaned up, Inventor thinks it is missing and subsequently displays the error message this thread is based on. 


So Inventor/Vault isn't cleaning up the Temp project files in such a way as to not produce the missing project file error

then secondly, Inventor is incorrectly displaying the name of the missing project file. We are seeing this an awful lot from our Vault customers.


Please can you do some further testing internally with this in mind?


Scott Moyse

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