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Inventor Multiple Instances / Sessions

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02-28-2011 02:24 PM

How do I prevent Inventor from opening files in new Inventor sessions?


If I try to open a file from Windows Explorer or from an email attachment, it opens it up in a brand new Inventor session, even if I already have Inventor open.


If I select two or three files in Windows Explorer or from an attachment to open, it opens them all in individual new Inventor sessions.


I would like to set Inventor (or Windows) so that these files open in the already existing session or at least the same session as each other. I didn't have this problem before upgrading to a new computer and reinstalling. I appreciate any help on this.





Inventor 2008 SP3

HP Elitebook 8740W

Windows 7 64-bit

Intel Core i7 Q740




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Re: Inventor Multiple Instances / Sessions

01-06-2013 09:27 PM in reply to: ad64

Dear sir,


      Am facing he same issue in some of my systems. Do you have any solutions for this now?



Asvind kumar.A

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Re: Inventor Multiple Instances / Sessions

01-06-2013 11:20 PM in reply to: asvind

This seems to me to be a windows issue, so i googled that and this is the first link that came up:


Not sure if it applies to anything other then XP, but it might get you started...

Using IV2015 Pro SP1 - upd.2, Win7-64bit
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Re: Inventor Multiple Instances / Sessions

01-07-2013 03:45 AM in reply to: asvind

Another answer to this is to avoid opening files this way.  Opening from Windows Explorer bypasses the Project file, so linkages and search paths are not predictable unless you always use the same project file.  Since Inventor's File Open box is essentially a specialized instance of Windows Explorer, it makes sense to use it.


However, if you really need to use Windows Explorer to open files, one way around the issue is to drag the file(s) you wish to open to the task bar instance of Inventor, allow it to come into focus, then drop your file(s) there.  That will avoid creating another Inventor session.

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