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inventor ipt file gone bad in vault - lost associations

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04-02-2012 02:13 PM

Does anyone have any experience with having a 7mb inventor .ipt file loose its associations?   Basically seems to crash all assemblies or details  that had that .ipt in it.   Inventor claims it cannot find  association (resolve link) although the file has been loaded in vault for a month  and  never checked out. .  Its a derived part of a large assembly. .  Was 7.5 mb    Now in vault it looks like 2.2mb  - file seems to be looking for xlm file “database”  in some of the errors.   One thought is that the file went bad on a bad check in   although that file was not checked out.

 We needed to make a multi sheet .dwg using an assembly that the .ipt file was used in .   The detail  drawings (.dwg files   two, 6 sheets ea ) were loaded into our production vault.    - Upon check-out a user noticed the ipt file was faulting  .     We had received several Inventor crashes prior to loading the .dwg file.   The  iam was checked out but not the children ( 3 .ipt files).  

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