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*** INVENTOR FAQ: NOV 18, 2002 ***

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11-17-2002 10:02 PM
*** INVENTOR FAQ: NOV 18, 2002 ***

### Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Rules & Regulations for the groups
2. List of all the Inventor Support Newsgroups (web & newsreader)
3. Frequently Asked Questions about R6
4. List of Inventor Websites and Resources
5. Bug Submission
6. Common Acronyms Used in the Newsgroups

### 1.Introduction

Welcome Inventor users,

Below are a list of several resources to help with your use of Autodesk
Inventor. There is a lot of good information listed on these sites. Answers
to the more frequently asked questions can be found in these links.

If, after reviewing these sites, you still do not find the answer to your
questions please feel free to post in the newsgroup. There are a lot of
experienced users that will be more than happy to help you out if possible.

Please be descriptive in your topic subjects. Subjects like "Inventor
Problems" or "Inventor Question" do not lend much insight and are often
skipped over. A topic such as "How do I loft several non-parallel sketches"
is much more helpful.

As some newsreader programs cannot display HTML formatted messages
correctly,please be sure to post your messages in plain text format.
Most newsreaders have an option to format the messages in this manner.

If you are having display or crashing related issues please list your
machine's specs: Processor, RAM, Operating System, Video Card, IV release &
SP #. While it may not be due to these factors it helps to determine the

Do not post attachments in this group. You may post attachments in the
CUSTOMER FILES newsgroup. Please move the end of part marker to the top of
the file and/or zip the files to save space. You can find the customer files
newsgroups here:

WEBBASED CF:^1@.ee940b5


### 2. List of the Inventor Newsgroups

As of Oct 30, 2002 the group was split into three
seperate groups.
Below is a listing of each of the Inventor related groups and links to both
the web based
and newsreader versions of the groups:

Inventor Main Menu

Inventor 6

Inventor 5.3

Inventor Legacy (R1-5)

Inventor Customization (VBA and VB)

Inventor Support (old group - now read only)

Webbased Search of all the Inventor groups:

Google search of the Inventor Support Newsgroup

(I'll list the Google search of the other groups as they begin to show up on

### 3. Frequently Asked Questions about R6

1.) Where can I find SP1 for R6?

2.) Where did my print icon go in R6?
You can access printing commands via Flie>Plot. To add the icon to your
toolbar go to Tools>Customize and click on the last tab. Highlight
Management in the left hand pane and then drag the print icon onto the
standard toolbar in Inventor. You must do this for each file type. e.g.
start a new part file and do this, then close and repeat with assembly,
presentation and detail drawing file types.

3.) Why do my decals appear as icons?
You likley have .bmp file tpes associted with a viewer other than MS Paint.
To fix this see page 8
item # 18.

4.) Why do some of my project paths appear in red?
There are nested paths. For example if you have a workspace defined as
and a path defined as c:\project\parts the latter path will appear in red.
the Autodesk Inventor File Management Document.doc onthe 1st AIS CD for more
about projects and how they work.

Keep checking back. I'll add more as they develop.

### 4. Inventor Related Websites and Resources

Drew Fulford's Inventor FAQ (Over 400 Inventor frequently asked questions)

Sean Dotson's Inventor Tutorials & More (plus Inventor Benchmark Results &

Charles Bliss' iParts and iCode Repository

Kent Keller's iParts and Code Site

Charles Bliss' Inventor

Patrick de Stobbeleir's Inventor Tool Site

Neil Munro's How-To Articles and Tips

Ole Germer's Site (Timken bearings, Involute Gears, Roller Chains etc.)

CAD Studio (Czech based but in English)

Elise Moss' Tips and Tutorials

The Netherlands Inventor Forum (mainly in Dutch)

Lars Jensen's Inventor Site (Danish and English)

Autodesk's Inventor Users Site (iDrop Parts, Articles & Tutorials)

Autodesk Inventor Graphic Card & Driver Info

Autodesk's Knowledge Base

Official Autodesk Inventor Feature Wishlist Submission Link,,1073397-123112,00.html

### 5. Bug Submission Procedure

###Bug Submission
If you think you may have found a new bug:
1. Go to the Autodesk website:
2. Click on "Contact Us".
3. Click on "Ask a Question".
4. Click on "Submit a Bug Report" from the drop-down menu
of "About Our Products"
5. Now you show see the "Bug Report Submission" web page.
6. Read the instructions, fill out the form, and press the
"Submit Bug Report" button

Or directly go to the Bug Report Submission" web page:,,1073063-123112,00.html

More bug report info from Autodesk:
"You can also either report it through your reseller
or call Autodesk's Safety Net support number at
800-225-6531. If it is determined that
what you are calling about is a defect you will
not be charged for the Safety Net call."

### 6. Common Acronyms Used in the Groups

NG = newsgroup
CF = customer files (see baove for links)
IV = Inventor
R5SP2 = Inventor Release 5 Service Pack 2 (or any other combo of numbers)
W2K=Windows 2000
RMB = right mouse button
DA = Design Assistant
=grin = very big grin (etc..)
HTH = Happy to Help, Hope this Helps
TIA = Thanks in Advance


Sean Dotson, PE

PS: If you have other sites that you think are useful or general comments,
reply to me by email
Delete all numeric characters in email to send
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