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Inventor 2012 Application Menu Crashing

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09-19-2011 04:56 AM



I have just started using Inventor 2012 Professional. the problem I'm having is that when I select the Application Menu for a second time in a session the program closes and brings up the error report dialogue. The problem happens with or without a loaded workfile. If I click the Application tab and without selecting anything in the dropdown menu and click in the graphic window, when I select the Application tab again Inventor crashes. This will happen regardless of the task performed in between or the time in between. 


Sending error reports has not provided me with any solutions. Anybody have any idea about what it might be?



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Re: Inventor 2012 Application Menu Crashing

09-19-2011 07:34 PM in reply to: r_oconnor

Hi r_oconnor,


I have tried to reproduce this issue in my Inventor 2012, but I am not seeing the same behavior as you have reported.  Is the problem reproduce in your machine ? If you restart your machine and Inventor, still crash ? When you send the Crash Error Report, plesae fill in your email address and steps, we will filter it out in our database and let development team to take a look at it. One more thing is do you patch the Inventor 2012 SP1 ? if not, try to download and install it from: for double check.




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