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Re: Inventor 10 Series - service packs?

02-13-2011 09:04 PM in reply to: addistributors >> Downloads link.

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Re: Inventor 10 Series - service packs?

02-14-2011 10:25 AM in reply to: Dennis_Jeffrey

That worked thanks alot

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Re: Inventor 10 Series - service packs?

06-28-2012 11:44 AM in reply to: addistributors


Since you seem to be the unchallenged expert on Inventor Series 10, we recently transferred a package to our site but there are a number of bugs in it. I would like to update it as much as possible but the question is the end result worth the effort or should I just bite the bullet and upgrade the package. Our needs in 3D design are relatively modest. If you think so would you please send me the service pak.



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