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Increasing Hydraulic hose size beyond standard 2" (max)

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02-01-2013 10:26 AM

How can i increase the size of the hose beyond 2" max that Pipe&Run allows it to be? I need the hose more for a visual rather then its acual function. I'm guessing i gonna have to change its paremeters right? if so, how do i and what needs changed?


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Re: Increasing Hydraulic hose size beyond standard 2" (max)

02-01-2013 01:50 PM in reply to: sinus19

Sounds like you are using the standard Parker library that ships with Inventor. You would need to create your own Library with the larger sizes. The easiest is to just copy the Read-Only Parker CC library, make your edits and import it into your own Read-Write MyLibrary.


The first time or two around it's easier to copy and make your edits rather than start from scratch. There is a pretty good Tube & Pipe PDF in the Autodesk Inventor Help directory. You will need to search around a bit, depending on system install to find it.

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