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Imaging Inventor and Current Undo Folder

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09-03-2010 05:11 AM

I work in education and have several machines that I want to clone. After pushing my image from my reference machine to the others in my lab, the students receive the error: "The path specified for the Current Undo Folder does not exist."


 The current undo folder path that Inventor shows is C:\Documents and Settings\bputhoff\Local Settings\Temp\ where "bputhoff" is my account. The students do not have access to my profile on these machines.


When I check the Undo folder location under Inventor's Options, it shows %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\. This temp folder is successfully created for each user when they log in the first time.


It looks like Inventor is trying to use the profile of the first user that opened the program (in this case, bputhoff) for every user. How do I resolve this?  The machines are Windows XP SP3. Thanks.

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Re: Imaging Inventor and Current Undo Folder

09-03-2010 12:09 PM in reply to: bputhoff

Personally I would try the following to see if it helps:


  • set the UNDO location on your machine to point to %temp%
  • Export your settings in an xml file
  • Ask every student to import this xml file in their Application Options.



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Re: Imaging Inventor and Current Undo Folder

09-15-2010 08:02 AM in reply to: bobvdd

We are in the same boat here.  Education environment, Inventor works fine under the local admin and the domain admin accounts, but when you sign in under a doman student account which is a limited user, you get this error iattached.  The weird thing is is that the files are created under the user profile, but it still points the path back to a place the user doesn't have permissions to.  We have 54 computers this affects.  If we navigate to the student's path, inventor then launches successfully, but when you go take a look at file within the inventor setting, "content" is also an incorrect path

It will not let the student into inventor without browsing for a exporting and importing is not an option since you can only do that while you are in inventor.

Changing the registry also only changes it for the current user, doesn't help when you are on a domain. 


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Re: Imaging Inventor and Current Undo Folder

09-17-2010 06:31 AM in reply to: bputhoff

We are having the same issue as well in our lab environment.  How can this be scripted as you have to get the user to point to the temp directory before being allowed into autodesk.  Then you can import the xml entry. which at this point is mute cause you have already re-directed the user to the c:\temp directory.  Can this not be imported with an Autoinventor tool before the user opens the application??  Some urgency on resolving these issues with a service pack may be the approriate workaround.

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Re: Imaging Inventor and Current Undo Folder

09-17-2010 07:42 AM in reply to: bputhoff

Here is the workaround I am using... this exact method will only work with XP which is what I am using, but it may work with Windows 7 with a slight modification:


1. Within my reference machine, I created two folders: 1) a folder called InventorTemp on the root of the C: drive and 2) a folder called Library within the InventorTemp folder that I just created. The names of the files are irrelevant and you can give them any name you wish.


2. Start Inventor (logged in to the computer using the same account I used to install Inventor) and go to the File tab within Options.


3. Change the location of the Undo folder to the newly created folder C:\InventorTemp and change the location of the Default Content Center files to the newly created C:\InventorTemp\Library folder


4. Before I sysprep my reference computer to prepare for imaging, I copy the profile of the user I used to install and configure Inventor over to the Default User profile.

(This is why this only works in XP as the ability to copy a profile over the Default profile in Windows 7 has been removed. I do not have any Windows 7 machines running Inventor so I don't know if the CopyProfile=True code in a Windows 7 unattend file for sysprep will work. I do know, however, that copying a profile in Windows 7 over the Default profile using CopyProfile=True in sysprep does not actually copy everything. If this works for someone, please post back and let us know.)


This method works because all users have rights to the InventorTemp and Library folders on the root of C - as long as you copy the installer's profile over the Default profile. I'm not sure where in the profile Inventor gets the information to set the Undo and Default Content Center settings, but I do know it comes from the profile of the user that installs it. Even though it is set to use %USERPROFILE%\..... it does not - it sets the locations to the folders within the profile of the person that installs it.

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