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iLogic question

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06-21-2012 11:35 PM

Hello, I'm new in use of iLogic and tried to use it by myself (and internet). But I have some difficulties.


Here is the open point, I wold like to create an assemblies with different length (and also some different part inside).

So I made some iLogic rules to make a configuration of my .iam with length selection.

 I made rules to show or hide parts with is linked to the proper length.

I made rules to switch from a positional representation to another one and do the same for level of details representation and for view representation.

All is good in my .iam.


My problem is comming now. When I would like to put my .iam in a .idw in several views (corresponding to different length), my views are the all the same. I can't see one length per view even if I select the proper representation, the proper position and the proper level of detail.


At the end, all this work is to have all views length to be able to make in one drawing all length block in autocad.


Does anyone have tried this or have a solution?


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Re: iLogic question

06-22-2012 05:33 AM in reply to: c.mouton

You can't have the same part be two different lengths. LOD's and view reps won't accomplish this, either. That's not what they do.

I think what you are trying to do would be MUCH easier to achieve with iParts.

Mike (not Matt) Rattray

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Re: iLogic question

06-22-2012 07:11 AM in reply to: mrattray

And iassembly

Please mark this response as "Accept as Solution" if it answers your question.

James Letcher
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Re: iLogic question

06-22-2012 07:31 AM in reply to: c.mouton

I've tried with iassemblies. But the point is, every parts you put inside assemblie are saved in a folder for this assemblie and it's not the way my compagny is working.

(Every plates are in the same folder, every axles are in the same folder,every pipes are in the same folder... And each parts can be use in severals .iam).


In fact for each length of my .iam, I have all .ipt (because we need an .idw per .ipt.)


So for example here is a BOM

XXX_Lg 1000.iam

    L A.ipt

    L B.ipt

    L C.ipt


XXX_Lg 2000.iam

    L A.ipt

    L D.ipt (which is the same part as B but more longer)

    L C.ipt


So I don't need to create ipart because I've alreday all parts for .iam's length.

Maybe just using iassemblie, but I've to find a solution to manage part's saving (maybe with iLogic).

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