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iLogic Issues with unsupressing iassembly members within master assembly

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01-02-2013 04:57 AM

Fairly new to all the ilogic rules and programming. Have got reasonably far....but have hit a brick wall and am desperate for help....before i go crazy..


Basically I created an iassembly with 18 members and placed within a master assembly which has in total 4 iassemblies in with 18 memebers each.


they each have unique part numbers, problem is trying to unsuprress the part numbers, once I have supressed them.


The parts change dependent on the length, the other lengths are supressed, when I come to select the correct length to unsupress the part its comes up with ERROR in rule Component: The Component named "11111:1" was not found.


Example of the rule written that doesnt work to unsupress members, once the lngth has changed..


MultiValue.SetList("LENGTH", "10","15","17.5","20","25","30","33","35","38","40","45","47","48","50","55","60","65")

If  SINK_REQUIRED = "NO" And LENGTH = "10" Then 
Component.IsActive("11111:1")= False

Else If  SINK_REQUIRED = "YES" And LENGTH = "10" Then 
Component.IsActive("11111:1")= True

Else If  SINK_REQUIRED = "NO" And LENGTH = "15" Then 
Component.IsActive("22222:1")= False

Else If  SINK_REQUIRED = "YES" And LHD_LENGTH = "15" Then 
Component.IsActive("22222:1")= True
End If

Please help????????? Thanks
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