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iLogic for Export the iproperties

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12-17-2013 08:53 PM



I created one iLogic rule for exporting iproperties into excel sheet like below.




GoExcel.CellValue("A3") = iProperties.Value("Summary", "Title")
GoExcel.CellValue("B3") = iProperties.Value("Summary", "Author")

MessageBox.Show("iProperties successfully copied!")

This is working for only one file but I want export all the inventor files properties into excel sheet in a current folder.

And next part properties sholud be in next row and third part properties shold be in third row Like.




GoExcel.CellValue("A4") = iProperties.Value("Summary", "Title")
GoExcel.CellValue("B4") = iProperties.Value("Summary", "Author")



GoExcel.CellValue("A5") = iProperties.Value("Summary", "Title")
GoExcel.CellValue("B5") = iProperties.Value("Summary", "Author")


Thanks in Advance 


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Re: iLogic for Export the iproperties

03-17-2014 11:36 PM in reply to: linuskotte


I have not that much exposure on iLogic. But, I would suggest you to do the same using VBA. It does much more options


Dim ofile As Scripting.file
Dim flsysobj As FileSystemObject

Dim sfolder As Scripting.Folder

Set flsysobj = New FileSystemObject
Set sfolder = flsysobj.GetFolder(opath) ' oPath Need to be defined by you

For Each ofile In sfolder.Files

   If Right(, 4) = ".ipt" Or ".iam" Or ".idw" Then    ' need to be decided by you as per the files you are working with...
   Set odoc = ThisApplication.Documents.Open(ofile, True)
   ' wrtie the code which you have written in iLogic----------------------


   End If   
Msgbox "Completed"

Have a good Day....


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