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iLogic code to embed externally ran rule to ipt.

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01-12-2013 02:28 PM

Hi Folks,

I have put together some ilogic code which is embedded within a part template, this auto populates the iproperties with the profiles length,width and thickness, and also automatically updates when any changes are made to the said profile When I hit save.

This works a treat when creating new parts, the problem arises when re-using old parts from previous jobs (Which is a regular occurrence),prior to when the code was created.

  So I have to run the code as an external rule, but this has caught me,and a few other people out, as we have forgotten to run the rule after making a change to the part so the iproperties aren't automatically updated.

 My question is, is there a snippet of code that I could add to my code, which embeds the the externally ran rule to the Ipt? 

I hope this makes sense???

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Re: iLogic code to embed externally ran rule to ipt.

01-13-2013 01:19 PM in reply to: Fleagle8t

You could run "Code Injector".  You can batch select all your old files and add your rule to them. Easy.


I have to say that Code Injector is the greatest iLogic-related tool ever.  Being able to push code into parts that previously didn't have code - or modify code on parts - or run code to change models... It's just awesome.

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