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iFeature Tries to Center the Sketch Incorrectly

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06-13-2011 05:55 AM



I am having some trouble placing an iFeature. I am creating a hose-like fitting with an end that is commonly used. Suppose the body of the part is a cylinder with a bore in it. Then, the commonly used end is a another cylinder of smaller outer diameter, that also has a bore through it. I have been trying to create the common end as an iFeature, but when i Place it, it centers incorrectly.


This is how I have created the feature: It is a revolve. The sketch is a rectangle, with the inner wall of the soon to be bore  is the bottom edge of the rectangle. I have the bottom edge(of the rectangel) at a distance from the axis of revolution, in order to create the cylinder and bore in one feature. The sketch is revolved and the result is the cylinder with a bore. The projected geomertry that I am using is the Centerline through the bore, the centerpoint common to the larger cylinders bore, and the plane the sketch was sketched on.


When I dimensioned the sketch I have dimensioned the bottom edge of the rectangle as the inner diameter with respect to the centerline, and the top edge as the outer diameter(instead of specifying a distance from the centerline, it is a diameter about the centerline).


Everything is fine until I try to place the iFeature. It is in the correct direction, and plane. However, the sketch centerline does not center on the point I have picked. Instead, it centers the side of the rectangle on the projected point. This then yields the two cylinders to not be concentric, and the bores are misaligned. What I would like is for the centerline in the sketch to be the center, not the midpoint of the side of the rectangle as the center.


Can anyone provide some help? I've spent way too much time, not making any progress.




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Re: iFeature Tries to Center the Sketch Incorrectly

06-13-2011 07:58 AM in reply to: l6burley1

Please post a screenshot if possible, and what version of Inventor you are using.



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Re: iFeature Tries to Center the Sketch Incorrectly

06-15-2011 06:20 AM in reply to: l6burley1

I replied on Monday, but It looks like my post never made it on. Any how, I have attached a screen shot of what's happening. In my earlier description, I said that the right side of the rectangle was centering verticaly on the picked axis. However, this time the bottom of the rectangle centered about the point picked. I have a training manual that goes through some iFeatures and talks about redefining a coordinate system where I want to place it, but this still doesn't work. Can you provide any insight on this?

Thanks, Luke

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