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icopy - need help

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10-09-2012 06:31 AM

hi, i want to make some icopy tools to suit my needs

i did the tutorial i've found on AUGI "an icopy how to"

and then i did a glass panel using the techinque i learn there

everything works fine until i place the icopy on a different plane than the x, y plane

when i place it in other plane it the icopy behave in strabge way

i had this proble since the first icopy test i made

and i can't find why it doesnt work


please someone take a look at the file i've include in this post and tell me what i do wrong

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Re : icopy - need help

10-11-2012 01:07 PM in reply to: Mike686

is there someone who use the icopy tool that could help me.....

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Re: icopy - need help

10-12-2012 12:01 PM in reply to: Mike686

There is another tutorial in the wiki-help that may help.


The files uploaded to the this post are missing file references, "ICOPY-TEST-PANEL TEMPLATE1".iam & "ICOPY-TEST-PANEL TEMPLATE2.iam". Perhaps you could post a screenshot of the strange behavior?





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Re: icopy - need help

03-01-2013 03:34 AM in reply to: Mike686

Hi Mike


Did you ever get a solution to this problem? We are facing a a similar problem, see below link to my post.



Let me know please.





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