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Hyperthreading and INV

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10-31-2002 12:30 PM
Just interested,

Has anyone from Autodesk (or anyone else) tried running INV on one of the
Intel CPU's that support hyperthreading. Does anyone know what sort of
benefits this is likely to have over a non-hyperthreading CPU.
We all know that drawings in INV are much better on a dual CPU machine so I
wonder how a single hyperthreaded processor stacks up against a true dual
processor machine?
Could be a good reason to go with INTEL instead of an ATHLON next time....

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Re: Hyperthreading and INV

10-31-2002 03:16 PM in reply to: *Corbin, Brian
If I understand hyperthreading correctly, there is a possible advantage if one thread is floating-point intensive and another is integer-intensive.
Then two different parts of the CPU can work at the same time, giving speed increase.
But IV is mainly floating-point intensive, and you will probably see no gain.
On the other hand, maybe internet-browsing could be faster while IV chunks away in the background.

And supposedly sometimes, the CPU takes a performance-hit when hyperthreading is enabled.

The athlon still has a better floating-point performance, and I'll probably stick to AMD until Intel PROVES to be able to compete.
Dont believe all the hype you'll read about Hyperthreading.
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