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HPT sprocket

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10-08-2008 05:58 AM
Is there a web site where I can found modelised HPT sprocket 8M & 14M sprocket?
I went to but the cad link is not done yet...any suggestions?
Using Inventor 2008, SP3

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Re: HPT sprocket

10-08-2008 01:23 PM in reply to: sylvaindussault4118
I am not sure about HPT type pulleys, but HTD, GT2 or HT are quite similar and all have the same pitch 5M, 8M, 14m and 20M, thaey may varry as load/Width for each tipe but the ditch diameter is close.

I normally use the following sites and normally I download *.SAT or *.STEP files.

TBWOODS Main Cad files page: G UID=1117132179201 or
TBWOODS Sprockets files page: G UID=1117132179201

Baldor-Dodge-Reliance => Dodge Power Transmission Components go to Literature-> CAD Drawings...and it will connect you to their PT Wizard http:// (Login Required) and there is a link to create a new user account....


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Re: HPT sprocket

12-23-2008 06:48 AM in reply to: sylvaindussault4118
Thanks for the info.

Autodesk peoples...could you add the those timing sprocket (8M, 14M) into the next release of Inventor Design Accelerator?


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Re: HPT sprocket

12-23-2008 09:27 AM in reply to: sylvaindussault4118


I noticed that the TBWoods links that I posted on the previous thread is no longer working...please try and go to CAD drawings..

I had the same problem and I decided to workaround based on a previous post, so I created some entries on the XML files which controls DAcc. Actually I add several files that maks DAcc work with 5M, 8M, 14M and 20 M pulleys and belts sizes in some limited functionality such as Layout and design.

The calculations will not work, you have to do it in the old fashioned way, paper, pencil, calculator or excel. I could not figure out all parameters necessary to perform the calculations.

I used this trick combined with iParts and iAssemblies of bushings and pulleys to speed up a new machine design tat had a huge amount of pulleys and belts, guess what, all from pitches 5M, 8M and 14M. The results were satisfatory and also gave a nice BOM of all belt drives and its components.

Here are some tricks an tips:

- Not all combinations belt/pulley were tested always double check. If you have some feedback on the DAcc workaround please let me know.

- I always left some extra slack (belt length) just in case.

- I used the Virtual pulley placement in order to use iParts/iAssemblies of pulleys and QD/TL bushings and get a very nice/detailed assembly. If you use the Component placement for pulleys, it will show trapezoidal teeth on the generated models.

- If you are using Inventor 2009, do not choose to represent the belt as Detailed, it will fail, choose Solid or Sketch.

Attached is a zip file that contains the files added to the existing DAcc structure and some sample images, and a Bushing and Pulley iparts as well. Please use this at your own risk and always check for dimensional issues just in case.

You should make a back up copy of your DAcc files pior to place these files (SBelts Folder on Zip File) under your default installation for the DAcc.. \Design Accelerator\Tables\ . You will notice that the subfolders of the zip file match the existing structure of DAcc.

I hope this help you out...

Happy Holidays


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Re: HPT sprocket

01-09-2009 11:28 AM in reply to: sylvaindussault4118

Wow that was sweet. I have been considering modeling up the sprockets to use in Content Center and this really helped.

Would you be willing to share the 14M's?

I realize that you do not guarantee that is fine....I will check through them prior to using. My plan would be to create a CC part that I can set to toggle through all options.

We dont use the Design Accelerator at this time...its all hand calculated out.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HPT sprocket

01-11-2009 06:17 PM in reply to: sylvaindussault4118

14M and 20M are a work in progress, is kind of a 2nd priority right now due a workload that I have. I started with 8M, which was my immediately need for a project. I am alone doing a 12000 part machine, so it is faster to use a step file from TB Woods or Dodge.

Defining all data tables and features are labor intensive and time consuming. I managed to gather some data and already place them on a excel file. Please note that the process "arranging"and organizing some tables is incomplete, but it is a good start. The Pulleys and iPart tables may be a good start.

As I told on the previous post, I used the DAcc layout functionality (not calculation) to speed-up the overall belt drives. In my case was really handy. In addition, use it at your own risk. Not all references or combinations were tested due the amount of data to check and a brief pause in my regular tasks, please double check.

If you found anything wrong, please send me a feedback

The attached spreadsheet covers belts and pulleys data which were used to generate the XML entries for the DAcc. This data set is a collection of values from Gates, Dodge, Martin, TB Woods and Carlisle.


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