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How to create a rule in iLogic?

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04-18-2012 05:58 AM

Hi - Im setting up a standard steel plate template file and I was hoping someone could help me with iLogic (as I am useless with it!)


I want to create a rule that will warn the user when the plate thickness they are using is not standard.  I have already created a multivalue parameter for plate thickness, which lists all standard steel plate thickness's and also allows for custom values.


I was hoping I could create a rule that would prompt a dialogue box warning when the user creates a custom value for plate thickness.


I know this can be done,  but like I said,  Im bloody useless with iLogic and find it hard to come across relevent examples and/or tutorials online.


Thanks and advance and regards,



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Re: How to create a rule in iLogic?

04-18-2012 10:39 AM in reply to: Infallable

Hi Infallable,


Here's a quick example (and sample file) that compares a user input value to the MultiValue.List parameter value and informs the user if the input is not in the list.


I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you in all of your Inventor pursuits,



'get the Inventor user name from the Inventor Options
oName= ThisApplication.GeneralOptions.UserName

'define an arraylist to hold the list of thicknesses
Dim values As New ArrayList()

'set the list of thickness to the array list
values = MultiValue.List("Edge_Thickness")

'prompt the user for input
oUserInput = InputBox("Enter a thickness", "Current Thickness = " & Edge_Thickness, Edge_Thickness)

'check to see if the Thickness arraylist contains the value input by the user
If Not values.Contains(oUserInput) Then
            MessageBox.Show("Hello " & oName & ", this is a custom thickness.", "iLogic")   
End If

'set the model parameter to use the input value
Edge_Thickness = oUserInput 

'update the model
iLogicVb.UpdateWhenDone = True
'zoom all




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Re: How to create a rule in iLogic?

04-19-2012 04:22 AM in reply to: Curtis_Waguespack

This is Excellent!  Thank you for the response - This has completely answered my question and more.


Thanks and regards,



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