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How to add custom factory to Design Accelerator?

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05-27-2011 06:54 AM

So I've been through the whole Component Authoring process with a flat head screw factory I produced in Inventor (2009)... I published that factory to our content center under the Fasteners>Bolts>Countersunk section (talking about the section with the canned parts that come with Inventor now). OK so everything's fine so far...


Now when I try to place a part using content center, I can do that... When I'm using Design Accelerator however, the part that I previously published isn't one of the options... It just doesn't show up in the list of available fasteners. When selecting a part it says, "Please wait while content center data loads," so I was assuming that it was pulling the part information from the Content Center, but if that's the case, why isn't my recently published part showing up??


As an aside, the factory in question is using iMates, but I don't see how that could be relevant. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Re: How to add custom factory to Design Accelerator?

05-27-2011 01:37 PM in reply to: miket

Did you author it before publishing? The Authoring tool adds the information the Bolted Conection generator needs.


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Re: How to add custom factory to Design Accelerator?

05-31-2011 07:30 AM in reply to: miket

Yes. I authored the part prior to publishing it. It shows up in my content center where I submitted it, under Fasteners>Bolts>Countersunk but when using design accelerator, it doesn't show up for some reason.


For the parameters, I added user defined functions so that I had all of the required fields in my ipart table. They don't actually drive the part at all however. I was under the impression that the Category Parameters were only for searching and didn't actually drive part creation.


I've added a copy of the part in question so that anyone interested can interrogate the part and possibly figure out what I've done wrong.


Thanks for the help!!

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