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How Materials and appearances are tied together in 2014?

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10-28-2013 06:58 AM



For example I have Aluminium as a Material taken from Autodesk Material lib.

There is nothing mentioned this Material is assigned to any appearance.

It just claimed this Aluminium material has a tab of color properties, called apereances.


For example I will make some changes in the Material “Aluminium” color properties; I will set the color to Blue.

Then I will open the appearance window and will see the same color has the appearance “Aluminium Flat”.

If I would change color here it will be the same in Material “Aluminium”

So the Material “Aluminium” and appearance “Aluminium Flat” are tied together.

BUT neither Material nor appearance does not mention they are tied together, why?

Seems like there must be some sort of table how materials and appearances are tied together?

So I have no chance to assign to Material Aluminium any other apereance exept fixed?


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Orest Yavtushenko

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Re: How Materials and appearances are tied together in 2014?

10-28-2013 12:51 PM in reply to: Orest_iy

Materials contrain a standard stock appearance but are primarly concerned with physical properties such as density and other physical properties used for FEA and mold-flow.


Appearance is just as it states, you can have a part the is Aluminum for it's physical but have Apperance overrides such as Chrome, Red or Blue.


Changing the Apperance will not change the mass of the part, this must be done through the Materials tab.


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Re: How Materials and appearances are tied together in 2014?

10-28-2013 02:04 PM in reply to: blair

Yes it is clear if I would paint my Aluminium to Red it supposed to keep its physical properties.

I found an answer for my own question.

It was hiden under the “Information” in the appearance tab.

I mean there is a name of corresponded to material appearance wich name could differ from material name.

If I make any changes to certain material appearance I know the affected appearance name.

Here I have a Material and tied appearance name. 

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