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How I got VoloView to open my IDWs

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11-08-2002 01:08 AM
I recently had some Inventor 5.0 IDW files which could not be
read by VoloView. An Autodesk knowledge base article (TS68955 dated May 31,
2002) provided the following work around:

  1 Open the drawing in
Autodesk Inventor 5.
  2 Delete the file name from the title block and
recreate it.
  3 Save the drawing.

While this solution does allow the files to be viewed with 5.0, it is a
lot of work for several hundred files. But Kent Keller found a better


I had migrated the files to Inventor 5.3 to see if that would correct
the problem, but I still could not open the IDWs in VoloView. While looking to
use VBA to delete the filename in the title block as a batch process,
Kent realized that the migrated files could be opened with VoloView if
they were first opened with Inventor 5.3 and then saved back to disk. The only
problem was that Inventor 5.3 needed to update all the views of anewly migrated
file. While this requires some time to open each file, wait for it to update the
views, and then save it back to disk, it is still a lot less work than editing
the title block of each file individually.


But Kent then went one step further and got a VBA utility from Brian
Ekins to automate the process of opening IDWs, updating the views, and saving
them back to disk. Inventor still takes some time to update all the views, but
the process can run unattended. Since I do not have VB 6, Kent even
compiled the utility to be an executable file. Kent has posted the
executable file and Brian's source code on the VBA page of his website:



Assuming the views must be regenerated on any newly migrated IDW file, this
utility would be of use to anyone who needs to view migrated IDWs with VoloView
since they are unlikely to open every file and save it. As Kent notes on his web
page, it will also be useful to make sure all of your IDWs are up to date before
batch printing or releasing to a vendor.



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