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how do I make a sub assy adaptive?

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11-12-2003 07:59 PM
I have added a sub assy to my main assy and the adaptive is grayed out, how do I get it un grayed?
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Re: how do I make a sub assy adaptive?

11-12-2003 08:10 PM in reply to: fritsche

The Adaptive bit is greyed out because the sub
assembly file is currently selected as being adaptively used in an
assembly.  Open the sub assembly, goto Tools -> Document settings ->
Modelling tab and uncheck "Adaptively used in assembly"


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11-12-2003 08:34 PM in reply to: fritsche
Just remember that this sub assembly change in the
other assembly that it is in.  You would also be getting errors when you
open the other assembly because it will try to resolve whatever constraints you
have on it.  Have you thought about duplicating the sub assembly with one
for each assembly?


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11-13-2003 03:27 PM in reply to: fritsche
Another problem arises if the subassembly is used more then once in the same assembly, if you want different behaviors for each sub assy, all must be different copies. Kinda (edited) but the behavior is logical.
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