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How best to photomatch?

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06-05-2011 11:31 AM



I'm a new and VERY happy user of Inventor.


I'm wondering if there is a way to match my textured space ship model to a pre-painted image of a landing pad.


Thanks alot everyone!


Rock on



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Re: How best to photomatch?

06-07-2011 07:06 PM in reply to: jonnydark



There are a lot of tutorials on youtube and one of them is the link below. Might get you started or just grab the idea to suit your need.




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Re: How best to photomatch?

06-07-2011 07:30 PM in reply to: jonnydark



Thanks for replying.


Unfortunatly i think you are confusing "photomatch" with "Decal aplication"


Photomatch is when you add a 3d model to an existing photo... For example adding a 3D model of a new barn over a photo of an old barn.

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Re: How best to photomatch?

06-08-2011 01:49 AM in reply to: jonnydark

Hi Jon,


Apology if I misunderstood your question.  But as I can clearly remember, I have done that in Photoshop with a help of 3Dsmax and that was ages ago.  In photoshop you have flexibility of photomatching your model in whatever views you want and place it to your pre-painted image of a background or as what you said a landing pad.


Hope that helps




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Re: How best to photomatch?

06-08-2011 02:48 AM in reply to: macflirty

have to admit, I was slightly confused by the original question as "photomatch" isn't really a common term within my engineering and/or Inventor experience.  There's so many users with English as their second language (not to mention Google translate's creative use of words) that you quite often get odd words used for something like decal or texture.


afaik the options for presenting a model in front of a photo background:


1) rendering with Inventor Sudio and setting a photo as the background through scene settings.  (but believe this could be a nightmare to try and align the background as it's not visible until you render)


2) create a "wall" as a new part in Inventor and place the background image on it as a decal.  easier to align, but probably get a poor result as decals sometimes don't render at a high detail.


3) use an image-editor to splice results together.  Render the Inventor model in Studio and save the result as a png with an alpha-channel (gives it a transparent background), bring this into something like Photoshop or Gimp as a layer ontop of a background image - move one ontop of the other until it looks ok.



To be honest, all 3 options can produce pretty poor results as depth/perspective can easiy look wrong if the Inventor model is flat ontop of a flat background.  Make sure to use perspective camera in Inventor (instead of Orthographic) and use ctrl+shift with the mouse-wheel to try and get a perspective to match the background.


Hope that helps a little...

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Re: How best to photomatch?

06-08-2011 08:57 AM in reply to: sam_m
Actually some fairly decent results can be achieved using background images and Inventor Studio.Attached are a couple renderings done with Inventor Studio using a generic photo background image with my model. The most tedious aspect of creating this is finding a viable image to use a background (both content and view aspect). Change you color display to the image you are going to use and adjust your view of the model accordingly, then set your Scene style in Studio to the same image, and render at "Current Aspect". Add lights and you can achieve some pretty good results.
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Re: How best to photomatch?

06-09-2011 02:31 AM in reply to: jonnydark

what you really need to do is use Project Photofly V2 and take a series of photos of the site, generate a 3D backgroun on the Cloud. then you can import it and the inventor model into 3Dmax and create a kickass rendering that will blow your mind. I haven't done it myself but was reading about it the other day just after V2 was released, and it looked mighty impressive. sorry i don't have a link to the article but if you are interested i'm sure a google search will 'render' satisfactory results.

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