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having trouble making this angle

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02-10-2014 01:43 PM

I am trying to work on a shelf I am building, and I am fairly new to Inventor and have watched a few hours worth of tutorials. I use 3ds max heavily and was able to make this angle with no problem. Take a look at the images and see if maybe this can't be done in inventor.

I tried a 3d sketch, but cant get that to extrude. thanks for any insight!


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Re: having trouble making this angle

02-11-2014 12:40 AM in reply to: mediopolis

Welcomet to the forum.


What Inventor version?  It always helps to state this when you have a problem - as Inventor is not backwards compatible it will only frustrate someone trying to help if they created a file in 2014 and then you admit you're on 2013 and can't open it...


As for the problem...


If I'm right in thinking, you want a sloped face from the long straight edge to the long kinked edge?  To me, an obvious solution is to loft (as a surface) the long straight edge to the long kinked edge, using the 2 short edges and the middle line in the 3d sketch as rails.  You could then sculpt this surface to make it all a solid.  I think you may need to use surfaces as I don't think you can use edges with solid lofts (not 100% sure though).  If you said you're on 2014 then I would have created an example file :smileytongue:

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