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Re: Have You Read The Autodesk Cloud Terms Of Service Agreement? What the...?

04-05-2012 09:31 AM in reply to: bstewart

I'm sure you can make an agreement with Autodesk to send datasets only to their US facilities... which will then send the data to their works-for-peanuts 'associates' on the Mainland (who will then CC the Central Comittee anything that looks interesting, IP or militarily speaking).


What terrible snark I have written; a corporation would never do the wrong thing just for the Almighty Yuan.

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Re: Have You Read The Autodesk Cloud Terms Of Service Agreement? What the...?

04-13-2012 02:57 PM in reply to: mrm01

Thanks for bringing up this question - it is an important one.  I am the Product Manager for Autodesk 360 (previously called Autodesk Cloud) and I'm hoping I can help to clarify the reason for the language in our terms of service and alleviate some of the concerns expressed in this thread.  The primary reason for this language is to ensure we can offer services to you.  These services need to use your data in various ways in order to function and without your permission our services would not be able to operate.  It is also important to note that the terms of service limit the context in which we can use this data.  


As a company we understand that our customer’s data is important and we respect intellectual property (IP).  We want to make sure you know that when you use Autodesk 360 or other cloud services from Autodesk, you own and control your own IP.  The words in each of our terms of service governs your use of the services but I wanted to share some background with you about why we need the rights granted by you in these agreements. The specific terms are available here:  


The use of Autodesk’s cloud services involves your digital content and information which means Autodesk needs you to give us certain rights in order to provide these services.  For example, the systems providing the services in the cloud need to do things like “display” “modify” “reproduce” and “transmit” your content and data as part of providing the services.  Without the ability for us to do these things with your information and content, these cloud services could not function.  Theagreements also limit our rights.  For example, our rights in our Autodesk Cloud terms are limited to the context of providing, maintaining, repairing, protecting, organizing or otherwise administering the services and improving and modifying the services.  The license is limited to this and its purpose is to make sure we can offer you these services.

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Re: Have You Read The Autodesk Cloud Terms Of Service Agreement? What the...?

04-14-2012 09:13 AM in reply to: shannatellerman

More often than not in civil litigation the entity with the most money wins, regardless of what's right or wrong.  Even if the terms didnt have that wording I still wouldnt trust sensitive IP to the cloud, VAR's or support teams.


I dont think they would give data away, but they can figure out your work flow and then put that into sales and training materials and effectively teach your competitors unique workflows that may have taken you years to perfect.


I have had an ex VAR use me as a reference when trying to sell Inv to a competitor.  We are friends and I was standing next to him while the pitch was being made over the phone.  I have also had VARs from other companies offer to disclose workflows from their clients to me to try and get me to switch to them.  "We have company ABC as a client and know what your industry needs so we can get you up to speed very quickly"  Some of them will say and do anything for a sale so be very carefull with your sensitive IP.

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