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Goofy Section

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11-28-2012 06:02 AM

Hello all,


I made a new part right out of Assembly, shaft gen and then put a gear on the out side of one secion. When I pull it into  a drawing and try to section it, it comes out like so...


Bad Section.jpg


Obviously this section doesnt really show much of the inside. I thought maybe I had buggered a setting or I created a new IPT and brought it into the drawing and it worked fine, like so....


Good section.jpg


What gives? The only differnce really is that I created the first one entirely from assembly mode and the second from part mode. I have drawn many gears in recent times, dimensioned, sectioned ect with no issue... I also tried using the different options in the section pop up (Slice, full, distance, ect) I could make it section partially with a combination of options, but it wasnt proper like this second pic.


Any ideas?






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Re: Goofy Section

11-28-2012 06:19 AM in reply to: Talayoe


When you edit that view what setting do you have here?

Try "Always"



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Re: Goofy Section

11-28-2012 06:24 AM in reply to: Talayoe

Can you attach the assembly here (only need two parts).

I have had something like that occur only if i dragged the view to the other side after creation.

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Re: Goofy Section

11-28-2012 06:37 AM in reply to: JDMather

Now, please let me be clear. I tried this last night on my laptop and that was where I thought my settings were goofy. So I tried this morning on my desktop. Same thing. I make this post. I get the email requesting the file, so what do I do? I rename the assembly from 'Assembly1' to 'Bad Section' ... and just for the sake of it try again with both suggestions.


Now it reacts perfectly... I tried pulling on both sides and it sectioned correctly. Tried changing the browser settings, but since it worked already from the pull there wasnt any change there.... And yet, if I create a new file I can replicate the original problem. With this in mind, I re-tried the 'obey browser..' and there was no change.


I have attached all nessesary files in a zip file.


I doubt this could be solely related to the file naming, but I have no clue. So I am good for the moment, but it still perplexes me why it does this.


tks guys!!


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