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Frame Generator Multiple Extrusions

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09-23-2013 05:38 PM

I have an aluminum frame system that is comprised of 9 seperate extrusions, what is the best way to handle this?


I would like to get a BOM that shows each each seperate extrusion with cut length.


Must I author each of the 9 shapes seperatley, then seperatly apply them onto the frame and then adjust each of the end conditons accordingly?


For intial experimentation I created an .ipt in which I have a sketch of all 9 shapes, I extruded them all seperatly (multibody) then authored the combination of all shapes as one frame gen shape..


This allows me to easily apply the member and create the appropriate end conditions, but does not give me an accurate BOM...


Any ideas?


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Re: Frame Generator Multiple Extrusions

09-24-2013 05:02 AM in reply to: dustins

If each of those pieces has a separate prat number that you want to show in your BOM, I believe you will have to publish each profile.  Idon't believe there is any way to publish an assembly for use with FG. 


I assume that a multi body part can only have one part number?



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Re: Frame Generator Multiple Extrusions

09-24-2013 08:46 AM in reply to: cbenner

Yes, F-G will want individual items for each profile so you will have to author each profile shape. The biggest problem I see with F-G will be placing the individual items into your model correctly placed.


You may need to have a Origin Point and then have each member off-set from this point it's correct X & Y so they fit correctly. This would work fine on one side of a frame but the other side would be opposite.


I was thinking CC, it will bring in the length but you will loose the end treatments of F-G. It will allow you to use constraint the items better.


You might have a problem with some of the end treatments in F-G because of the complex shape of the profiles if you are trying to Miter them together.

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