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Frame analysis non-hollow structural profiles section modulus is zero!

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12-31-2012 07:00 AM



I've searched for several hours on this forum and the web, but I cant find a sollutionfor my problem, so I hope someone overhere can help me.


I'm having this problem with custom non-hollow profiles(T or I beams) in the frame analysis.

Frame analysis gives the error for some(not all) custom profiles which i'm using in my model.


So my question are:

1). Are there limitations on the section dimensions? I'm asking this because the smaller sections (smaller than 800mm in width) are working fine...

2). Is there a min/max lenght to width ratiofor a beam(in solidworks the beam should be at least 10 times longer than the max cross sectional dimension of the section)


in the attached image you can see one of the sections I'm having problems with.

With kind regards,

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