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*Bliss, Charles
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11-22-2002 03:26 PM in reply to: NTM
The same is true for flying through a part. As Jimmy said, the
disappearing is caused from flying through the clipping plane so you
need to establish where it is. A variation on the method is to zoom
close to the end of where you will be flying, picking Orbit then
clicking on the farthest point on the model. This will set the clipping
plane beyond your visible geometry. Now zoom back to the start of your
fly through and do it. If the farthest geometry is occluded by things
in between, you can orbit around a bit so it is visible, click on the
spot for clipping, orbit back and zoom out.

Hal Gwin wrote:

> They are in the assy mode.
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11-25-2002 06:18 AM in reply to: NTM
Curiosity, What is a clipping plane, what is it's function?

*Carr, Jimmy
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11-25-2002 09:48 AM in reply to: NTM
Good question. Guess? Maybe a representation of an horizon plane to place
a vanishing point for the perspective viewpoint? I'm sure someone will jump
in and enlighten us :smileyhappy:

"bobuhl" wrote in message
Curiosity, What is a clipping plane, what is it's function?
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