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Flexible Roller Chain

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10-17-2012 02:32 PM

I wanted to model up some roller chain that could move and I followed an example in an older post. The end result is it sort of works with a few links but the links some time collapse ontop of each other and when the whole loop of chain is assembled it won't move any more.



I'm not really concerned about making this work as a static assembly is all that's required. However it would be nice to figure a way to make this work. I've attached the assembly and parts. The chain is assembled using inserts between the inner and outer links and those are transitionally contrained to a surface path.


Also I'm not sure if it's possible or at least practical but can the chain be tied to a sprocket so they turn together, this really isn't needed and is just an out there question.

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Re: Flexible Roller Chain

10-17-2012 05:39 PM in reply to: pball

These flexible things cause troubles. I suggest you stick with the Power Transmission/Roller Chains static part/iam output unless you REALLY need to animate the chain or REALLY need to show the chain links. While the IDW view of the chain does not look perfect it is representative of the chain. The only extra we do is manually add and constrain the joiner (conn link) as it is not in the Roller Chains generator.

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