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Failed to save factory member (iPart)

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03-30-2012 09:30 AM

I'm having trouble with iParts.  This specific part is for a component that has many dimensions that vary from size to size, for a total of 23 configurations, 9 inch, and 14 metric.  I did not have this problem until today... when trying to work with the iAssembly that uses two iParts (by means of selecting which Part Factory Member is used in each Assembly Factory Member).


I know that if the files are read-only, the files will fail to generate.  I have checked this, was still having trouble, and so I deleted the files.  The problem persists.


All the members compute successfully and there are no empty cells when editing the table. The filenames are just letters/numbers and dashes, no spaces.


The assemblies and parts had been generated and checked into vault, but only now problems exist, only for the newer parts, which happen to be the metric parts.


Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?


I searched the forum but could not find anything that could help.

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Re: Failed to save factory member (iPart)

04-04-2012 11:35 AM in reply to: stefan.menin

Since you mentioned Vault the first thing I would do is check all the files you’re working with out and then create a non-Vault project file to finish creating files and developing your iAssembly. Remember that the children of the parent iParts are stored in a folder under the parent (unless it a library folder and you have set a proxy path) so you will want to check those file out also.

This eliminates one valuable from what could be the issue.

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