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Face Color selections

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11-04-2002 01:29 AM
I recently installed R6 and I can't seem to change the face colour of a part like it says I should. When I try, I get the expected dialog box and stuff, and I also get the little hourglass mouse-pointer after I select a color, but the face color does not change. I have seen it work on other machines,and so I am forced to conclude that there is something wrong with my installation.
Before installing I un-installed any previous versions,and ran CHKDSK before installing. I have also completley removed and re-installed the R6 software to no avail.

(I know that this seems a bit trivial, but my boss does like pretty pictures of the stuff to show customers cos' they're easily impressed by this kind of thing.)

Has anyone else seen this, and does anyone know of a fix?


PS:I am running NT4 service pack 6a.
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