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Extrude To Plane - Wrong Direction

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01-11-2007 12:11 PM

This is something that I've run across a number
of times in the past.


Refer to the attached picture.  I've
selected a profile to extrude, and selected a plane to which it should be
extruded - but the directional arrow is pointing the wrong way.  Clicking
OK at this time would generate an error.  I knew of no way to flip the
direction of the extrusion.  I thought it was just a strange bug and simply
dealt with it.  Most often I would create a sketch plane perpendicular to
the extrusion direction, project the original sketch and the plane, place a
reference dimension between the two, then perform the extrusion using the
Distance extents and the reference dimension.


I'm almost embarrassed to report that I never
flipped over to the More tab and saw the two buttons to switch the extrusion
direction.  I have been using the aforementioned workaround for years,
never realizing that the solution was right there the whole time.


If you've ever run across this and didn't know
about flipping the direction on the More tab, then I hope I've helped you and
saved you the aggravation of using a workaround.  If you've known about
this option for years, then I will now take my beatings. \8^P


[img src="@135430"]

brian r.

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