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Extension Spring Component Generator

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10-30-2012 10:53 AM
Can’t seem to get it to work. No calculations required, just a 3d model.
Want a spring od 18mm, wire dia 2mm, with 52 coils, with something like a full loop or half hook hook type.
The dimensions I have entered in don’t seem to work.
What is the secret here?
Mike K
Joburg, South Africa
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Re: Extension Spring Component Generator

10-30-2012 11:09 PM in reply to: MikeKovacik4928

Hi Mike

Could you post your data here? Is there any error message in the extended window of design dialogue?


Without considering calculation results, I tried and got the result if the parameters were suitable.

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Jingyi Liu
Quality Assurance Team
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Re: Extension Spring Component Generator

10-31-2012 10:12 AM in reply to: MikeKovacik4928

Thanks Jingyi


I got it eventually, by using suitable parameters.

I notice that using design accelerator you cannot (or not that I could see anyway) draw the spring in its free position (ie fully closed)

I therefore also drew it in ipt using conventional methods

I did notice that I had to use a pitch of 2.01mm (slightly more than 2mm) to prevent self intersection of solid bodies.

Also I was able to draw the hook ends a bit better than they come out in design accelerator. Also,  In accelerator the hook ends always come out parallel to each other.

However I am not sure what the practical reason is for not having them parallel to each other (as I have drawn in spring 01 .ipt)


However all being said and done, I don't know how the springs are actually manufactured and what a manufacturer would need to know. I am assuming the tension spring would be fully closed ( ie as I have modelled it without the design accelerator in spring01.ipt) when it is not under  load.


I think I will speak to the spring manufacturer tomorrow to ask him a few of what his required parameters are




PS I can't add all my attachments - they are too big combined even when  I zip, Therefore I will only add one+ 2jpegs

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