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Edit part iproperties from drawing using VBA maco

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06-05-2012 05:57 AM

Could anyone help me with this. I found a macro which can edit the drawings iproperties, so I'm guessing it'd only be a matter of pointing the macro at the part instead of the drawing. Thanks


Function Fill_In_Checked_By(ByVal name, ByVal dt) As Boolean

' Get the active document.
Dim invDoc As Document
Set invDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
' Get the part number property.
Dim invPartNumberProperty As property
Set invPartNumberProperty = invDoc.PropertySets.Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Checked By")
invPartNumberProperty.Value = name
Set invPartNumberProperty = invDoc.PropertySets.Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Date Checked")
invPartNumberProperty.Value = dt

End Function


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