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Easier holes

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11-02-2012 01:06 AM

Hello, we are using holes in our constructions that consists of 3 holes on top of eachother (with difrent Ø values for seating depth) each hole is also chamfered. 


looksl ike this:

`\   /´

  |  |



Is there a way to make theese holes in one go? (using a sketch with points marking the holes), right now im using the share sketch feature and putting down 3difrent holes on top of eachoter, and a chamfer, so would be nice if they could be saved as a premade hole. 


saves time and having to memorise the difrent depths for the difrent dimensions.

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Re: Easier holes

11-02-2012 05:28 AM in reply to: Tobias_H

Punch tool.

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Re: Easier holes

11-02-2012 06:12 AM in reply to: Tobias_H

Looks a lot like a "Taper Tapped Hole" available in the Hole command dialog box?

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