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Derived files - The resolved document is not usable!

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12-06-2012 03:55 PM

Inventor LT


While referencing a derived file I attempted to make revisions to that file only to discover an Inventor error message.

The resolved document is not usable!



I thought I could delete the derived feature but Inventor created an unknown body. After the feature was deleted the body still remained visible in the part file and within the bodies tab. After deleting the body from the tab the file was still currupt.


User mrattray (Mike Rattray) noted in my previous post:


You can't fool Inventor by changing file names. It writes a unique hidden GUID key to every file it creates that it uses to tell files apart. In other words, if you have a part named part1a and you want to eplace it with a new part that was created you can't just delete the old part and stick the new one in the same folder with the name part1a because Inventor will see that the GUID doesn't match.


Mike mentions how Inventor assigns a unique GUID key to each file. You can locate these GUID's in your Old Versions folder. As you can see, any part file can have multiple old versions of itself.



In my case I needed to replace 3-720-7300-0 with 3-720-7300-0.0001. After doing so Inventor successfully opened what was once a currupt file.

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Re: Derived files - The resolved document is not usable!

04-21-2014 04:55 PM in reply to: Justin_Desilva

How did you "replace 3-720-7300-0 with 3-720-7300-0.0001?" Did you do that in the assembly or somewhere else. Could you explain exactly what you did to resolve this problem, as I am having a similar one. How did you know what had to be replaced?

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Re: Derived files - The resolved document is not usable!

04-26-2014 09:04 AM in reply to: ianstern

Not in the assembly. I replaced 3-720-7300-0.ipt with 3-720-7300-0.0001.ipt by copying 3-720-7300-0.0001.ipt from the OldVersions folder to the folder it was located in and derived from. The process was trial an error, I copied each old version back to it's root folder until the part file would re-open successfully. This was done by exiting and re-opening the part file until the derived feature error didn't appear.

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