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Deleting ribbon tabs

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01-24-2013 05:44 AM

Does anyone know how to remove tabs from the ribbon? The "Environments" and "Online" tabs are worthless, I'd like to get rid of them and clean up the interface a bit.

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Re: Deleting ribbon tabs

01-24-2013 01:16 PM in reply to: mrattray

If someone answers you, I'd like to know, too.


As a side note, if you're not using things in your Environments tab, your pc is still loading them when you start up IV.  There's an Add-Ins manager (You can find it in Tools/Options/Add-Ins,  or Environments/Add-ins) that will let you turn them off.  I barely use any add-ins.  Assembly Bonus Tools, drag & drop Interoperability, iCopy, and iLogic are the only ones I have Automatic/Loaded.  I use the Content Center every so often, but you can load it from the Add-In Manager when you need to use it.  

IV's launch time should improve.  & if not?  The useless menus will at least be bare.

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