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*Dotson, Sean
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10-31-2002 11:00 PM in reply to: *Land, Brian
That's good! I'd expect the first part of the behavior as well but I'm glad
to see it healed itself after the reorder...

Sean Dotson, PE
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"Mark Triton" wrote in message
> FYI - I created a block with 4 decals wrapped around sharp edges. I then
> filleted a couple of the edges. The decals involved split in half as
> expected. I then re-ordered the affected decals (dragged them down after
> (below) the fillet in the browser) and they recreated perfectly around the
> bends!!! If anyone would like to see it, I can place a copy of it up on
> --
> Mark Triton
> E/M Packaging Designer
> World Precision Instruments, Inc.
> Sarasota, FL
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