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*Dotson, Sean
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Data resident in memeory error?

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11-01-2002 03:53 AM
Here is one I have seen a few times. Tom Sturtevant tried to explain it to
me but I'm not sure I fully understand..

I've seen it in many cases but here is one example.

Start an IDW. Place a view. Decide you don't like it and delete the view.
Place a new view of the same part or assembly.

You get:

"A different version of this document is already open, and only one version
can be open at a time. A new window will be created for the version already

No windows open it just continues along fine once I hit OK. I think what
Tom was trying to tell me was that the model was still resident in memory.
However in this (and most of the other situations I have gotten this
message) it's not really appropriate and is misleading.

Can anyone clarify this?

Sean Dotson, PE
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*McConnell, Cory
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Re: Data resident in memeory error?

11-01-2002 03:57 AM in reply to: *Dotson, Sean
I can't clarify - I have seen that many times as well, and just passed it
off as programmer's gibberish.

Cory McConnell
BJ Pipeline Inspection
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