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Custom detail balloon

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07-15-2013 06:39 PM


I dont know if this is possible but what i am trying to do is create a custom detail ballon & outline similar to what is attached. this is how our client wants it to look & currently we create the detail & then sketch the outline & add a sketched symbol which has the identifier. We then turn off the detail layer which has the default outline.

Is there a discussion board or can someone tell me if this is even possible?


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Re: Custom detail balloon

07-16-2013 01:39 AM in reply to: M1shap

You might try looking at modifying your drawing styles.  Have the drawing loaded and then invoke the Styles Editor icon.  Then make a copy of your current balloon style.  It does not have to be saved to the current standard.  Take a look at Balloon Formatting and Property Display, located at the upper right of the dialog box.  You'll want to change the shape of the balloon formatting to either Circular - 2 Entries or None - All Entries.


If you use the Circular - 2 Entries, ONLY two items will be written within the balloon.  Also note that the number of characters within the balloon will drive the size a shape of the balloon.  In other words, when length of the second data field goes beyond 2 characters, the balloon changes from a circle towards an obround.  You may pick any two data fields by using the Property Display.  You can also create a custom property that is associated with the MODEL file, NOT the Drawing file.


If you need more than two pieces of data, then you need to select the None - All Entries option for Balloon Formatting.  You also need to select the data fields you wish to be shown when ballooning.


If having a circular balloon is a must, you'll have to select the None - All Entries option from Balloon Formatting.  Once the balloon and its associated data is placed on the drawing sheet, you need to sketch the circular balloon.  Make sure that the current view is selected PRIOR to drawing the balloon.  This will insure that should you move the view associated to a particular balloon that the sketched circle that you've drawing will stay with the balloon.  The association is only with the view, and NOT the particular data you wish to include with the balloon.  If you move the position of the balloon data once you've drawn the balloon, you need to move the Circle appropriately.


I would suggest finalizing the balloon data positions within the Drawing Sheet prior to drawing the Circular Balloon.


Hope this helps!



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