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Creating own tube and pipe style

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10-10-2012 04:22 AM


Currently running inventor 2013 premium still on the free trial until it runs out and i register it.

I am trying to create my own tube and pipe style for a 22mm copper heating pipe run.

I have been through and created the parts and successfully published them into a user contents library.

I start a new tube and pipe run in an assembly. then go manage>tube and pipe styles

I then hit 'New' i fuill out the details, select my pipe, bend and coupler...everything seems ok, i hit save.

it doesnt appear in the styles selection menu to the left (where it should and did on the tutorial) and whats more when i try and exit or do anything else the 'Save Edits?' warning comes up (clicking save doesnt help)

This is the second tube and piping run in this assy. but is a whole new run rather than route.

Any ideas?

is it a bug? or lack of privelages?






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Re: Creating own tube and pipe style

10-22-2012 08:00 AM in reply to: jamesdowner

I have a similar problem.

I copy a pipestyle using "Content Center Editor" and rename it. Then alter the material and save it.

I then create a new pipe style using "Tube & Pipe Styles". However, when I double click "Pipe" to add the new style there is no plus symbol next to the new style and I'm unable to choose it.

If I go through the same process for an elbow then all is well. Just for pipes.

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Re: Creating own tube and pipe style

10-22-2012 09:42 AM in reply to: jamesdowner



I had some similar issues when I was first learning to set up the Tube & Pipe module.  I have attached a document that details some of these issues and what I did to fix (or work around) them.  It sounds like the trouble you are experiencing is similar to what I described in part 1 of the document.


Hopefully this helps.




It sounds like you are having a different issue, so you really should have started a new thread.  But check the filters in the selection dialog.  You may have a filter that is excluding your copied pipe style.

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