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Create custom content center

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01-30-2014 01:11 PM

My company makes a ton of equipment out of 80/20 extruded aluminum.  They have published their profiles of their extruded aluminum for designing.  I was wondering how someone could take those parts (they are in .ipt form) and put them in a content center and be able to just select the shape that I want, have it created to the length I want, and maybe add a few features (tapped hole and anchor pocket-all standard operations with the extrusion) if needed.  Mostly the first part.


I have been looking through the tutorials and tried the help files and even searched on here, but I don't know exactly what I am looking for.


THanks for yall's help


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Re: Create custom content center

01-30-2014 01:22 PM in reply to: frank

Hi frank,


You can find a tutorial for something similar here:


See these links also:


I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you in all of your Inventor pursuits,


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