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Copy lines to sketch in drawing

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10-12-2012 02:20 AM



I have a question regarding copying geometry in drawing mode.


I am quite the newbie in Inventor, used catia V5 for a number of years.


When I was working in V5 and making drawings I sometimes had to "fake" geometry, the world is not perfect I know, copy geometry in the 2d, like center lines and such. I am trying to do the same in Inventor and use the project geometry button and geometry is created but it does not show up when exiting sketch.

Is there a work around on this problem?




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Re: Copy lines to sketch in drawing

10-12-2012 03:32 AM in reply to: JohanQleeno

If I understand correctly, you are trying to "sketch" geometry which is not present in the model?


If so, in the drawing mode (.IDW) left click once on the view where you wish to sketch on.

Next, create a sketch from the Annotate ribbon bar (Create Sketch command) which will then display crosshairs in the middle of your view.


From here on in you can do all your sketchy things to your heart's content and finish by right clicking and selecting finish sketch. Everytime you move the view, the sketch should follow.


If this isn't what you want to know, then please elaborate a bit more :-)

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Re: Copy lines to sketch in drawing

10-12-2012 04:44 AM in reply to: PhilSaw

Thanks for your answer,


I dont think I made myself clear enough but I´ll make a new try.


What I want do do is to get geometry like center line geometry to show up in a drawing in this case it is a tube that is not circular in shape because it has been made from lofts and other things but the material that it is going to be made from is a circular tube.


Now I have got a center line in 3d and I think I can see it in the drawing when I use hidden lines view, but I don´t want hidden lines view. So I am trying to copy the center line from the hidden lines view so that it shows when I am not using hidden lines.


To do this I thought of using sketch in drawing mode, as the picture. It worked well and I could copy the geometry but the sketch lines was invisible when exiting sketch mode, even after unticking the box "sketch only". 


How do I do this geometry visible?



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Re: Copy lines to sketch in drawing

10-12-2012 05:18 AM in reply to: JohanQleeno

If i understand what your trying to say.... You can retrive sketches you used to create your model by right clicking the .ipt file in the browser tree (under the view you want the sketches in). Then click get model sketches.


If you want to create a new sketch on the .Idw you must first click on the view you want to be able to project lines from (you will see a red dotted rectangle around the view when selected). Then start your sketch, you will be able to project your solid geometry.

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Re: Copy lines to sketch in drawing

10-12-2012 05:34 AM in reply to: JohanQleeno

Projected geometery in an idw sketch is not visible. This is normal behavior.

I would try Ryan's suggestion to retrieve sketches, assuming sketch geoemetery is what your getting your line from. I think the sketch needs to be visible in the model in order to retrieve it?

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Re: Copy lines to sketch in drawing

10-12-2012 06:19 AM in reply to: Ryan.Martinez

That did work and I didn´t have to fake it!


Thanks guys!


Have a nice weekend!

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