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*Laimer, Leo
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11-20-2002 12:48 AM in reply to: tmalinski
Oh please, give us Europeans a tiny chance to get our work done properly!

Standards are standards, and not something custom-made.
But if you had a chance to see a Genius whiz once, you knew how to change
each&everything inside PP (and add entries)

There are some huge advantages of PP over content lib when it comes to ease
of use:
- huge dialog boxes with big buttons and clear symbols
- very few mouseclicks to get the work done
- complete sets of fasteners in one shot
- use of power copy/edit to change number, type and size
- on-the-fly calculation
- correct overlength of 2...3 pitches protruding the bolt over the nut -
automatically! I'm working for the car industry many times and cannot point
out enough how important this tiny detail is!
- correct length of bolt thread indicated by a small groove - again a very
important detail! (No, this thread bitmap in IV doesn't replace the need of
the groove because in wireframe mode and in cut view you won't see this
- correct BOM entry with absolute correct DIN/ISO naming
- local sub's in MDT holding a fastener set together

Guys, this seem to be small details...But for my work this is one of the
most important things of a CAD package! A typical project here will consist
of about 500...1000 parts and subs (maybe 200...400 of them being unique),
and of 500...1500 instances of fasteners and other standard parts. So,
actually we spend little time with modeling, but most of the time assembling
and inserting "content" (Brrrr...)

Well, forgive me if I overlooked some features of the content library in
IV6 - hadn't had much play around yet.

Leo Laimer
Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik
A-4820 Bad Ischl - Austria

"Kent Keller" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I don't generally have much need for the type of parts found in these
built in library's,
> so I always avoided the PowerPack stuff. The few times I used it I found
the menu
> structure and speed to be just as bad as Inventors current version.
> One of the problems for me with the inclusion of the powerpack stuff in
MDT was that it
> pushed the European standards to much. In one of the Beta's we had a
discussion, and it
> was said that the European company's don't want their users to have the
ability to change
> the standards in any way.... this was causing problems getting things set
up here in the
> states where our standards vary greatly, and many of us use our own
concoctions If it
> doesn't have flexibility then it is a waste of time IMO.
> But the bottom line like Sean has been preaching Until what ever
method they come up
> with next allows you to add your own company's info and standard, it will
continue to be
> pretty worthless for most.
> --
> Kent
> Member of the Autodesk Discussion Forum Moderator Program
> "Leo Laimer" wrote in message
> news:77C2C455BD3697DDBCBAD103731E6BA8@in.WebX.maYIadrTaRb...
> > Sean,
> > You were absolutely right if the company we are speaking about wasn't
> >
> > Genius for 2d was absolutely great
> > Genius desktop was a bit weak and slow at the beginning, but was
absolutely great later
> on
> > Adesk bought Genius, cut off some pieces, and remarketed it as PP (which
is still very
> good, fast and stable)
> > We use this product every day with good succes, actually we love it
because it supports
> European Standards very well
*Keller, Kent
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11-20-2002 01:39 AM in reply to: tmalinski
Member of the Autodesk Discussion Forum Moderator Program

"Leo Laimer" wrote in message
> Kent,
> Oh please, give us Europeans a tiny chance to get our work done properly!

I have no problem with you getting your work done properly if it doesn't affect me getting
mine done. 8^) In MDT one of the things that drove me crazy was for instance change the
color of a certain text, then change the text size and the color changes. Yes you can
get what you want, but why oh why do they think it is a good idea to change something I
have specifically set the way I want it.

> Standards are standards, and not something custom-made.

I don't think that is quite as true here in the states. I am very weak in using any Set
standard, but the companys I work with and I have agreed on things that make both our
lives easier, but don't necissarily follow any standard. I go with whatever works. 8^)
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