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Conflicts: Inventor 2012 SP1 (64bit) & Solidworks 2011 SP4.0 (64bit)

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11-07-2011 06:54 AM

I have 15 machines running at different locations all with the exact same install of Inventor 2012, I have 2 machines that have the added bonus of having Solidworks 2011 installed on them.


All of the machines with only the Inventor 2012 installed work fine, and push through errors without much effort. The 2 machines with the additional bonus of Solidworks 2011 are having issues with simple commands and errors. Unfortuantely the errors that happen on the 2 machines cause the application to stop running. I can duplicate the error on any of the other machines, but they work through the error and allow you to see what the issue is and fix it.


Errors as simple as open surface or interference on a solid.


Does anyone know of any specific conflicts between the 2 applications that would point to this being the issue or know of any conflicts with Windows 7 64 bit that would cause this type of issue.


My machine is T7500, windows 7 64bit, Dual X5647 Xeon CPU's, 12Gb ram, Quadro 5000 video card.


Any insight or help would be appreciated. Unfortunately there are no error dumps to list as the app just stops working instead of allowing the error to happen.

Windows 7 (64Bit), T7500 Dell
Dual Xeon X5647 @ 2.93GHz/ea
12Gb ram
Quadro 5000 @2.5Gb physical Mem 5.5Gb Shared (
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