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Re: Color changes Inventor 2013

07-22-2012 01:13 PM in reply to: wh

It took me some time for making the attachment, but perhaps it's a help for other people, too.


That's what I did (see picture):

I opened on the same PC and same screen two instances of Inventor with a same sized part (1000mm x 200mm x 10mm). The above instance was German Incentor 2012, below was English Inventor 2013. After that I used your existing translation list from 2012 to 2013, colored the parts with these settings and looked at the results.


As an Excel list, you can sort after each topic, that you want.  In the list you can find different backgrounds:

Green: Transition is acceptable for me

Bright orange: Look has changed from 2012 to 2013, but is acceptable

Dark orange: Look has changed significantly, I'd vote for a re-work

Yellow: Color was existent in 2012, but no equivalent can be found in 2013


Moving through the list for 2013, I found many colors with only slight differences. I could think of putting all 224 colors into a common IAM, and building sub-assys with similar color tones. I think, after doing that and comparing the results in the sub-assys several colors can be discarded.



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Re: Color changes Inventor 2013

10-27-2012 09:21 AM in reply to: wh

I'm really struggling to find distinctive colours in this new list. A menu that was already bad is now made worse.


The colours are so dull. A selection I've looked at look nothing like the description.


"Unfinished"? Unfinished what?


I've made my own zinc chromate style in the past and it looked very realistic. This one looks rubbish.


Etc. etc.


I vote on the AUGI wishlist. I've never seen anyone wishing for this change.

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Re: Color changes Inventor 2013

10-27-2012 12:28 PM in reply to: signmeup

It is simple, the guys at Autodesk are blind, and have no memory.

Each release has differences in the color/texture.


For a engineering program to be this bad on the basics, color and texture, is inexcusable.

the fact that we can add color to the surface, and texture is great, it allows us to show those who don't have a clue what we plan on doing, or what they have made us do, but it shouldn't be a whole project to do this.

If I want yellow, I should scroll down the list and find yellow, not some muted mustard color.

If I want black color, it shouldn't change the surface texture.


Talk about a hoot, try using the machining! Wow could we have something that looks like a machined surface?

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