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Close iLogic Form

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09-12-2012 12:15 PM

Is anyone aware of the statement that would close and iLogic form.  What I was looking to do was, based on a parameter, display one of a couple forms.  It works in terms of showing the forms, but I wanted to see the old box close, and open the new one.  I tried iLogicForm.Close, but that is not a recognized function. Here is some sample code.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.


If Box = "Part Number" Then
    iLogicForm.Show("Part Number", FormMode.NonModal)
    iLogicForm.Show("Description", FormMode.NonModal)
End If
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Re: Close iLogic Form

09-12-2012 12:27 PM in reply to: solson

Have not tried it but does    iLogicForm.Hide


Work ?

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Re: Close iLogic Form

09-12-2012 12:44 PM in reply to: jletcher

I did try that.  I have tried a few keywords that I thought would close the box, and none of them are recognized.  This is the message I get.


Error on Line 4 : 'Close' is not a member of 'Autodesk.iLogic.Interfaces.IiLogicForm'.


So I am guess that this is just not a function that is defined in the iLogic environment.

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